First winter – Bee’s

The captain did a quick check and our bees survived the winter! ย At least it seems. A more. Through check will be comingย soon but we are pretty excited to see some activity.

We are also founding contributors to the FlowHive project and are so super excited that it finally arrived and the captain will have it all put together in time for our bees. We are going to have four hives this year. We are thinking no more top bar hives.

We’ve made some amazing formulas with the beeswax and are getting great reviews especially for headache relief and Chapstick with organic all natural oils including clove.



Bee’s and Eggs

We are now getting at least 1/2 dozen eggs every day and we are selling them to friends family and neighbors too. ๐Ÿ™‚ good times.  The girls are saving for their big field trips at school.
Bees.  the lang hive has two honey supers and an extra set of 12 kerr jars ontop so they make honey in the jars.

TB1 is in fatal demise.  We put another queen in there after we found no eggs or larva, a week later she was gone and the hive is dwindling, but has honey.
TB2 (Rickenbauchers)  all cross combed and we couldn’t fix it but the hive is doing very well.  tons of bees, larva honey and pollen.  They requeened themselves.
A total hive check will be done with week for all hives.

Roosters, now you don’t!

Well turns out that it is true about birds.  The prettiest are the boys.  I just  knew it when I noticed blue shinny feathers growing on one of the chickens that it was not a HEN.  Finally after he crowed, Andy believed me.  And found that we actually have two roosters and they crowed.  Now our neighbors loved it, well not all the neighbors, but no one complained.  
Andy “took care of the roosters”  and that is all.  It was awful for everyone, but mostly for the Captian.  You know, first kills and all. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ  
Bye bye you crazy roosters, chasing you around the property will be memorable!


Three Ps Eggs And Bees

This post was just sitting not being published from weeks ago.  

bees and eggs and trees and strawberries now too.  this is so much fun.  

The sad news is the new hive Andy and Piper caught ended up having a huge bunch of them die.  they were in the bottom of the hive until i got Andy to get them out, he unstapled the bottom and let them fall out.  NOW the alive sisters are all happy.  And working as they should without having to remove thousands and thouands of dead bees.  Andy didn’t get time yet to install the inside the hive feeder so they are still using the big outside feeder. 

bees bees bees

The two hives are doing great.   here are the langstroth girls, they’ve been adding to the top, we haven’t quite decided what to do about that yet, so we are leaving it for now.

the top bar girls have a nice window the captain made for me, I can see bees in the comb, well larva turning into new bees/drones.  It is very exciting to see them ๐Ÿ™‚ 


and then today a girl friend of mine, messaged me with this photo and a message “Do you know someone that can come relocate these bees. They are at Rickenbackers.”

and then Andy and Piper grabbed their swarm removal gear and headed out…

got them and then brought them home.


Thank you to Bonnie and Dawn ๐Ÿ™‚ Now we have three hives ๐Ÿ™‚  Welcome to the hood Top Bar #2 Girls.
I will post about the chicken coop expansion that was done last week later ๐Ÿ™‚