more chores but they are fun.  got three eggs this morning but then got another one early this evening making it a 4 day today.  then i had the girls clean out the littlest chickens brooder and let those chickens play with the teenager and big lady chickens.  nope, they were pecked quite a bit, (one almost was carrying the other by the neck :(, )  so much so that one little gal ran right into the rocks and hid but was not hidden.  decided to listen to the captain and keep them sepperate until they are bigger still.  but they got a lot of the day and evening out on the lawn and a nice clean area with clean food and water 🙂

the bees, i filled up both sugar waters x two today.  checked the hives tonight and both have a ton of comb.  the top bar has so much that i added an extra empty bar to their side.  way to go ladies in the hives 🙂
here is some video of the langstroth hive.  i had questions about them at the front but was assured by pros that it is normal bee stuff to cluster in small groups.

I’ll add video of today’s view of hives in just a bit.

Langstroth pt 1 just viewing them

the part 2

Comb on the Lang

here is a photo i was worried about them but they are just fine.

while we were doing all this:    silly cat just watching the birds…
these are the baby chickies… far away from big ladies and teens.

here are the older chickens that are NOT interested in the littles at all. except for their food, they liked that stuff. poor little chickens…

the captain became members of the banana slug club: