The two hives are doing great.   here are the langstroth girls, they’ve been adding to the top, we haven’t quite decided what to do about that yet, so we are leaving it for now.

the top bar girls have a nice window the captain made for me, I can see bees in the comb, well larva turning into new bees/drones.  It is very exciting to see them 🙂 


and then today a girl friend of mine, messaged me with this photo and a message “Do you know someone that can come relocate these bees. They are at Rickenbackers.”

and then Andy and Piper grabbed their swarm removal gear and headed out…

got them and then brought them home.


Thank you to Bonnie and Dawn 🙂 Now we have three hives 🙂  Welcome to the hood Top Bar #2 Girls.
I will post about the chicken coop expansion that was done last week later 🙂